Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Pretty Things

Knick Knacks
Some of my Knick Knacks all second hand,polished and pretty. I find most of my things in junk yards,charity shops, i love to take them home and mend,clean,restore and paint them if needed.The dresser in the main post picture,i bought for £80 and painted it.The dresser is in the kitchen the heart of our home,its a working dresser not for show,i use my china plates and bowels daily.
Took the quilt i bought yesterday to the launderette this morning,it dried beautifully.x

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My Finds of the Day....

I seemed to have been rushing today as it feels like a Monday due to our Bank Holiday weekend.Louie gave me a couple of jobs to do for him,like,post letters,take his pack lunch to his job in the village.
I had weekly food shop to do,clean fridge out,walk wizard across the fields all before i start any housework and dont forget,now, i am blogging my post to write!!!
On the way to the supermarket i took a detour to one of my favourite junk  yards,i found a 1960 featherdown quilt in perfect condition but very dirty and smelly.I read alittle while ago you can wash these,the secret is to dry them hot in a tumble dryer to fluff up the feathers again.I will wash this at home and tomorrow it will be a trip to the launderette as i do not own a dryer.A small price to pay.
I also found alittle vintage box with two small drawers in the front which has lovely detail,this i think will go in Evas room here,for her bits and bobs.
Yesterday there was a garage sale in the village and i bought a bookshelf for Evas room,its shaped to look like a Dolls House at the front.This cost me £5.00!
My finds today cost me £8.00!
Vintage Box
Now to unpack my food shop and start dinner.I am a Happy Lady x
what a lovely colour
straight in the wash!
My Finds of the Day

Monday, 29 August 2011

"Happy Birthday" My Darlin...

Today was our Jades Birthday she is 24, this day 24 years ago jade came into the world on a beautiful saturday morning at 7.23 am weighing 7lb 8oz.
Birthday girl and Ian
Prezzie Time

What is she doing?

Days like today make you realise how quick time flies, Jade was full of energy as a little girl and at times had a very colourful imagination.Life is never dull when jade is around,she is still full of energy and has grown into a beautiful young woman,i am so proud of her.Makes you think as a parent you got some of it right. x



Saturday, 27 August 2011

A Prayer is Needed...

A short story...Louie and i have always enjoyed renovating properties, this means our children have been raised in building sites. Our kids are hardy to this,i guess they thought,as long as ma is there when they came home from school, aslong as dad was working,and home is a happy home,everything is good.
One time we had stripped the roof tiles off our roof when we had a weather warning saying "strong winds" were going to be sweeping our part of the country in the next 24 hours.
Louie came home from work to weigh down the tarporliyne on the roof,now the sheeting was weighted down with heavy scaffolding boards. This unnerved our jade to see her dad on the roof with the winds already rolling in.After tea louie sensed jades anxieties so he went round the house closed all windows,he told her,he was "battling down the hatches" to keep the wind out.Out came the chess board,the kids favourite choice of game with their dad.(I cant play it,they wont teach me,maybe they think i will beat them! Ha!) i remember that night,jade settled down with her dad but i could sense she was fearing bedtime.
Bedtime came and we read bedtime stories but she was still so fretful and the winds had truly arrived lifting the roof tarporliyne and banging the heavy boards against the roof structure. What a noise it was deafening!Then a short silence,back came the roar of the lion followed with a crashing banging that sounded like a hunting animal that wanted to shatter our house.What a night! I sat up ALL night in my girls bedroom as sleep would come to jade and then she would wake in panic with the next crashing of the boards.
Even now when its windy jade will call home and say"Batton down the hatches ma and get the chess board out!) Ha!
I have never forgot that night,lack of sleep weakens you mentally,panic keeps you frozen in fear.Now i knew my babies lives were never in any life threatening danger and that was the bottom line for me.
So as i write my post tonight i am thinking of people living in the path of the hurricaine "Irene", there family and friends who are worrying about them.I will hold them in my prayers and pray the winds fall silent very soon.

I Believe

Friday, 26 August 2011

Bank Holiday Friday

Rain Today,lots of it!

Homemade Soup in the Making

Our Zoe Home For The Night

Time For Tea!

The Stove In August!
I made homemade soup today a recipe from "Octoberfarm"it was chicken and noodle soup.Today was the perfect day for it,Rainy,dark day,Zoe has also come to stay for the weekend so the house is full just like i like it.Louie lit the stove which made our home even more cosy.The soup was delicious and plenty left over for the freezer.I love days like this,easy warming food and family together.There are so many lovely recipes on "Octoberfarm" i cant wait to try the next one the hardest part is choosing which one!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Our Jade

Had a lovely day today,its our daughter Jades Birthday at the weekend,so,we went shopping today and out for lunch.Jade is my third baby,she is the funniest person i know,i love her so much.
Oh what to choose!!

Dont think i like Olives..

What a Gal!

Jade is a natural beauty inside and out,a good decent honest person with a sense of humour that just leaves you wanting more and more.I wanted to call her" Precious" when she was born but our family doctor would not hear of it and told me "this would cause the child problems!" Ha! I have always regretted not calling her Precious and jade loves the name.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Plain People

The words of Elizabeth Coblentz
I went to America for the first time in March 1991 to Indiania, this is where i first became aware of The Amish Communitiy.I was Spellbound by their ways;for me it felt like going home.
I have never been caught up in the romance of living a plain life,i feel it must take alot of hard work and self control.Never the less i felt it was their way of life that had been stirring in me since i was a child but i do feel this is not a way you can truly live unless you have been born to it and know any difference.I also feel there is nothing wrong by learning from these graceful people and trying to introduce a healthy balance into your own life. I try to keep my life simple, i have never wanted a new car,a wardrobe full of clothes,fancy jewelry granite worktops in the kitchen.There is nothing wrong in wanting these things they are just not for me.
We have no carpets,no fancy bathroom,no fancy kitchen infact most of what i have is second hand, yet loved,restored; given a new lease of life and above all has a purpose.
We have had an open fire for many years,now we have a woodstove,always homebaked food.
I appreciate many couples having to both work to pay the bills but i guess this is where the "simple Life" comes into its own. Our woodstove saves us so much money in the winter months as wood is still a cheaper fuel,yes; i have to clean it out everyday and get my hands dirty and the dust i have to vacumn.
I do not have a tumble dryer on rainy days i use the clothes horse,i do not own a microwave.
Do i work hard to live this life?i think so but not as hard as most Amish ladies.
Elizabeth Coblentz gives you an insight into her daily life in her book "The Amish Cook" she rises at 4 am and goes to her bed at 9 pm!
I believe there is no easy honest living, its finding your direction that suits you and working hard to maintain that balance.I for one never want to stop learning.x

Monday, 22 August 2011

A spring clean.........

Spring cleaned my sewing room today, well really its another t.v room but you would never know with all my treasured stuff! Yes stuff; knick knacks that the children have given me over the years,bits and bobs i picked up,photos,vintage fabric,jam jars of shells i collected off the beach in scotland,books and my hard working sewing machine.
I love this little room,its about 15foot square with a huge bay window that lets loads of light in;i look out to trees that turn the colours of green to red through the seasons.
I cleaned windows,aired curtains and folded all my materials,and now to make pillow covers for the big comfey sofa. When zoe comes to stay i make a bed up on the sofa she says its like being in a womb! Dont think she can remember that far back!

Oh what to sew next


Sunday, 21 August 2011

What a treat!

Aim high

Here we go!
 This morning i went clay shooting with my dear friend Mr Till, it was my first shot this year.
Louie loves to eat game and i have been invited on my first game shoot this october so i need the practice.
I would only ever shoot for the table.
I ache abit now and my arm is already bruised; i held my gun wrong for the very first shot; a mistake i should have known better.
Had a lovely shoot and Mr Tills company was entertaining as ever.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Having Fun

Picked up our eva an lou lou man yesterday; time out with their nan to give their mama a well earned rest.

This is what we got up to;

warm sky


peppa pig


Lou lou Man


Time for Lunch


The Nest


 On the way home called in to see the "Egg Man" to collect 2 dozen eggs;

We had a lovely day, came back to nanies house played on the swing;finished the day with a bath,bedtime story.

Hold tight Eva!



Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mothers and their sons

Daniel and lou lou man

Our Daniel

I spent a couple of hours with my son Daniel yesterday it was lovely to see him. Daniel and i have climbed many mountains with one another; he was the most adorable child and the easiest of babies a very loving little boy.As he grew from a little boy into a young man i felt he lost his way and kept anyone who loved him at arms length i found this so hard as a mother to accept.As he grew from a young man into an adult he would go months without seeing his family i found this even harder to accept.
He made decisions in his life that i could not understand and i would  try to search for a reasoning as to why he was living that way.Now our dan is funny,he has a smile that can melt your heart and when he enters a room it can lift your heart but when he leaves you; you never know how long it will be until you next see him,so it feels like a goodbye.

Over the last two years daniel and i have been very honest with one another and he tells me; its just the way he is,he means no harm to anyone.Always tells me he loves me.

People cope with emotions in such different ways;some people choose not to get too close thinking they wont get hurt that way.Some become obsessive for fear of loved ones leaving them.

I am learning to accept my son for who he is and knowing that its not because he does not love us.
Some may say he is selfish,;yes i have thought that myself at times and i think at times he feels very guilty that he appears to behave this way.

I love him with all my heart and hold him in my prayers,sometimes you have to let people go in order for them to come back to you. I pray for this; Dan is my first born and my only son i will always have hope that one day he will want to come back to our family x

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday afternoon

water in the wellies

paddling in the brook

down the lane

picking blackberries

Another lovely sunday afternoon with eva and lou lou man (grandchildren), we went looking for the first blackberries and a paddle in the brook.I love nature and with autumn round the corner i already can see the early signs autumn is my favourite season.I love all seasons but autumn comforts my senses,the dew in the mornings,the changing colours of the trees,the smell of a chimney on a damp day.

I feel so lucky to have this lovely countryside all around me,my eldest daughter calls our home her country retreat.I love her coming home we try to spoil her alittle so she can relax and we help her with the children.
Tonight they are staying over night this gives zoe and i a chance to talk,the grandchildren are tucked up in bed and tomorrow morning they want me to make them pancakes for breakfast.

What a lovely day!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Work to be done.....

The rain we so badly need came in the still of the night,by mid morning the air was humid but the work in our garden was calling me.We have lived in our house for four years its a 1930s property with a large piece of land.
The garden was completley over grown,before the house was built the land in our area was an orchard the fruit was for a local jam company which is still in business today.When we bought our property there was a few old twisted apple trees which gave plenty of fruit but none that were worth using as they had black spot.
The house was in an equally bad state as the garden but that is another story.
A year after moving in our home a property developer offered us a substantial amount of money for at least 3/4 of our land.I declined the offer,the property developer told me "you could go on a cruise round the world with the money!" I could not think of anything worse! I certainly would not be able to walk round my garden in the morning or sit under the apple tree in the rain,swing my grandchildren on their swing. What price can these simple pleasures measure?
We are going to replant a small orchard later in the year,we have managed to clear the black spot virus by keeping the ground clean under the trees.
I planted a climbing rose under the large tree in memory of my nan (grandmother), nan passed away the year before we came here; i have placed a small statue of a sleeping angel at the foot of the tree. My nan was an amazing lady and i am honoured to have been loved by her.
I went for a walk today and walked through the small wooded area oppisite us,my grandaughter eva tells me this is where the fairies live,the wood has a small stream and i have promised her we will put our welly boots on and walk through the stream.
Later in the day i planted a few cottage garden favourites until the skies went grey and alittle more rain come.

the woods


Thursday, 11 August 2011

My prayer for today

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking,as He did,this sinful world as it is,not as i would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right if i surrender to his will;
That i may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Walking the dog.

Washed the breakfast dishes and thought before i get side tracked i will call my two eldest daughters(as i do every morning) and then take our dog wizard on his favourite walk.Wizard is a pedigree black labrador he is 4yrs old and is very much my husbands dog and has my husbands temperment.
Wizard comes from a breed of working dogs he was born in a kennel outside and does not like to be inside the house,we do not work him his job is to guard our home when we are not here and give us the alarm when we are home a job he does so well.
The village we live in is a dogs dream, we live at the bottom of a lane and this leads onto fields the farmer allows us to roam free on his land.
Now i have started my blog i love picking up the camera and taking my pictures it has made me realise how blind i have been.
I saw signs of autumn yet the sun is shining its summer haze,the wheat stands golden in the fields the earth is  
cracked beneath our feet in places you can put your fingers in the cracks.
Early evening the skies went grey and as the evening has gone by the wind has started to howl but still no rain,i wake most mornings and look out of our bedroom window at the apple trees laden with their fruit
hoping rain will come and give them the drink they so badly need.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Brain overload

Last evening as i climbed into bed i thought of all the jobs in the house i would do today,clean windows,start to wash and mend any blankets that need attention ready for autumn.Give our dog wizard his favourite long walk,clean his kennel,give him a bath all this combined with my daily household routine.
Woke this morning not knowing which way to start these super woman tasks, it all seemed possible the night before tucked up with feather down pillows and comfy quilts!
Washing this mornings breakfast dishes seemed to take longer than normal, then i realised i had brain over load.I needed to put on the brakes and eliminate what just is not possible today, maybe tomorrow but not today.I washed my windows and slowed to a pace where i started to feel cleaning windows theraputic.
Managed to wash two large winter blankets and then rinse them in white vingar and cold water to soften them.
I then set about my daily jobs in the house,tomorrow i will add extra jobs to daily work this way it all becomes possible.
Tonight when i climb into my bed i am going to close my eyes and sleep,see what tomorrow brings i am not in charge.
                                                            cleaning windows

Monday, 8 August 2011

Our Swing

Our weekend has been filled with our family my dad,daughters,their boyfriends and two of my adorable grandchildren eva and little louie whom we call lou lou man.
My dad came over yesterday and helped us in the garden he also put a new seat on  our swing, he made it himself and wrote underneath the seat "to eva and louie lots of love grandad x". I sat in the garden early evening taking all the days hard work looking at the swing hanging from the apple tree thinking about the swing dad made me as a little girl,it wasnt very attractive made from steel poles but it was sturdy and i remember how high it would take me. Sometimes i just kept my feet on the ground and twisted myself round and round, a swing such a simple pleasure but hours of free fun and much laughter.
Eva and louie loved it we spent this evening having a great fun and watching my grandson play with his ga and laughing until he couldnt talk(they call my husband louie ga, and my dad grandad).
I have an american friend molly her family own a very large farm in america (molly lives in england now) she told me on the families farm they have a huge tree far bigger than anything that is standard english,in time gone by this tree was used to hang people for all the wrong reasons long before it came to mollys family.I said to her "how do you cope with this being on your land?" She said we hang swings from it (now molly is one of seven children and has many nieces and nephews) now all that tree hears is childrens laughter.
Again something so simple that speaks volumes,children learn to share wait to take turns come together to make such fun everyone is an equal.
                                                                   my dad
                                                                   our swing