Friday, 26 August 2011

Bank Holiday Friday

Rain Today,lots of it!

Homemade Soup in the Making

Our Zoe Home For The Night

Time For Tea!

The Stove In August!
I made homemade soup today a recipe from "Octoberfarm"it was chicken and noodle soup.Today was the perfect day for it,Rainy,dark day,Zoe has also come to stay for the weekend so the house is full just like i like it.Louie lit the stove which made our home even more cosy.The soup was delicious and plenty left over for the freezer.I love days like this,easy warming food and family together.There are so many lovely recipes on "Octoberfarm" i cant wait to try the next one the hardest part is choosing which one!

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  1. octoberfarm is THE BEST !!!! i love it there too..

    looks like a cozy day..and YES !!! she is lovely

    kary and l'il teddy