Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Brain overload

Last evening as i climbed into bed i thought of all the jobs in the house i would do today,clean windows,start to wash and mend any blankets that need attention ready for autumn.Give our dog wizard his favourite long walk,clean his kennel,give him a bath all this combined with my daily household routine.
Woke this morning not knowing which way to start these super woman tasks, it all seemed possible the night before tucked up with feather down pillows and comfy quilts!
Washing this mornings breakfast dishes seemed to take longer than normal, then i realised i had brain over load.I needed to put on the brakes and eliminate what just is not possible today, maybe tomorrow but not today.I washed my windows and slowed to a pace where i started to feel cleaning windows theraputic.
Managed to wash two large winter blankets and then rinse them in white vingar and cold water to soften them.
I then set about my daily jobs in the house,tomorrow i will add extra jobs to daily work this way it all becomes possible.
Tonight when i climb into my bed i am going to close my eyes and sleep,see what tomorrow brings i am not in charge.
                                                            cleaning windows

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