Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My Finds of the Day....

I seemed to have been rushing today as it feels like a Monday due to our Bank Holiday weekend.Louie gave me a couple of jobs to do for him,like,post letters,take his pack lunch to his job in the village.
I had weekly food shop to do,clean fridge out,walk wizard across the fields all before i start any housework and dont forget,now, i am blogging my post to write!!!
On the way to the supermarket i took a detour to one of my favourite junk  yards,i found a 1960 featherdown quilt in perfect condition but very dirty and smelly.I read alittle while ago you can wash these,the secret is to dry them hot in a tumble dryer to fluff up the feathers again.I will wash this at home and tomorrow it will be a trip to the launderette as i do not own a dryer.A small price to pay.
I also found alittle vintage box with two small drawers in the front which has lovely detail,this i think will go in Evas room here,for her bits and bobs.
Yesterday there was a garage sale in the village and i bought a bookshelf for Evas room,its shaped to look like a Dolls House at the front.This cost me £5.00!
My finds today cost me £8.00!
Vintage Box
Now to unpack my food shop and start dinner.I am a Happy Lady x
what a lovely colour
straight in the wash!
My Finds of the Day

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