Monday, 8 August 2011

Our Swing

Our weekend has been filled with our family my dad,daughters,their boyfriends and two of my adorable grandchildren eva and little louie whom we call lou lou man.
My dad came over yesterday and helped us in the garden he also put a new seat on  our swing, he made it himself and wrote underneath the seat "to eva and louie lots of love grandad x". I sat in the garden early evening taking all the days hard work looking at the swing hanging from the apple tree thinking about the swing dad made me as a little girl,it wasnt very attractive made from steel poles but it was sturdy and i remember how high it would take me. Sometimes i just kept my feet on the ground and twisted myself round and round, a swing such a simple pleasure but hours of free fun and much laughter.
Eva and louie loved it we spent this evening having a great fun and watching my grandson play with his ga and laughing until he couldnt talk(they call my husband louie ga, and my dad grandad).
I have an american friend molly her family own a very large farm in america (molly lives in england now) she told me on the families farm they have a huge tree far bigger than anything that is standard english,in time gone by this tree was used to hang people for all the wrong reasons long before it came to mollys family.I said to her "how do you cope with this being on your land?" She said we hang swings from it (now molly is one of seven children and has many nieces and nephews) now all that tree hears is childrens laughter.
Again something so simple that speaks volumes,children learn to share wait to take turns come together to make such fun everyone is an equal.
                                                                   my dad
                                                                   our swing

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