Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Plain People

The words of Elizabeth Coblentz
I went to America for the first time in March 1991 to Indiania, this is where i first became aware of The Amish Communitiy.I was Spellbound by their ways;for me it felt like going home.
I have never been caught up in the romance of living a plain life,i feel it must take alot of hard work and self control.Never the less i felt it was their way of life that had been stirring in me since i was a child but i do feel this is not a way you can truly live unless you have been born to it and know any difference.I also feel there is nothing wrong by learning from these graceful people and trying to introduce a healthy balance into your own life. I try to keep my life simple, i have never wanted a new car,a wardrobe full of clothes,fancy jewelry granite worktops in the kitchen.There is nothing wrong in wanting these things they are just not for me.
We have no carpets,no fancy bathroom,no fancy kitchen infact most of what i have is second hand, yet loved,restored; given a new lease of life and above all has a purpose.
We have had an open fire for many years,now we have a woodstove,always homebaked food.
I appreciate many couples having to both work to pay the bills but i guess this is where the "simple Life" comes into its own. Our woodstove saves us so much money in the winter months as wood is still a cheaper fuel,yes; i have to clean it out everyday and get my hands dirty and the dust i have to vacumn.
I do not have a tumble dryer on rainy days i use the clothes horse,i do not own a microwave.
Do i work hard to live this life?i think so but not as hard as most Amish ladies.
Elizabeth Coblentz gives you an insight into her daily life in her book "The Amish Cook" she rises at 4 am and goes to her bed at 9 pm!
I believe there is no easy honest living, its finding your direction that suits you and working hard to maintain that balance.I for one never want to stop learning.x


  1. enjoyed reading your post....i was Happy to see you at farmhouse kitchen...and am happy to follow....

    kary from california

  2. thank you for the wonderful complement! i have been so busy cleaning my guest house for next week's guests that i haven't done any cooking. but i will be back in action soon especially with fall coming!

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging. Isn't fun? I agree with you about the Amish - I admire their strength to keep to the old ways in this modern world. I like simple thing - I do have a microwave but I only use it to thaw out, partially, some of the meats that I forget to get out in time and my husband warms up his coffee in it. I have never cooked a meal in a microwave.

    We are getting a wood stove this fall to help with the heating and I am so excited.

    Keep on blogging - you have a very interesting life and beautiful children / grandchildren!