Saturday, 27 August 2011

A Prayer is Needed...

A short story...Louie and i have always enjoyed renovating properties, this means our children have been raised in building sites. Our kids are hardy to this,i guess they thought,as long as ma is there when they came home from school, aslong as dad was working,and home is a happy home,everything is good.
One time we had stripped the roof tiles off our roof when we had a weather warning saying "strong winds" were going to be sweeping our part of the country in the next 24 hours.
Louie came home from work to weigh down the tarporliyne on the roof,now the sheeting was weighted down with heavy scaffolding boards. This unnerved our jade to see her dad on the roof with the winds already rolling in.After tea louie sensed jades anxieties so he went round the house closed all windows,he told her,he was "battling down the hatches" to keep the wind out.Out came the chess board,the kids favourite choice of game with their dad.(I cant play it,they wont teach me,maybe they think i will beat them! Ha!) i remember that night,jade settled down with her dad but i could sense she was fearing bedtime.
Bedtime came and we read bedtime stories but she was still so fretful and the winds had truly arrived lifting the roof tarporliyne and banging the heavy boards against the roof structure. What a noise it was deafening!Then a short silence,back came the roar of the lion followed with a crashing banging that sounded like a hunting animal that wanted to shatter our house.What a night! I sat up ALL night in my girls bedroom as sleep would come to jade and then she would wake in panic with the next crashing of the boards.
Even now when its windy jade will call home and say"Batton down the hatches ma and get the chess board out!) Ha!
I have never forgot that night,lack of sleep weakens you mentally,panic keeps you frozen in fear.Now i knew my babies lives were never in any life threatening danger and that was the bottom line for me.
So as i write my post tonight i am thinking of people living in the path of the hurricaine "Irene", there family and friends who are worrying about them.I will hold them in my prayers and pray the winds fall silent very soon.

I Believe

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