Monday, 22 August 2011

A spring clean.........

Spring cleaned my sewing room today, well really its another t.v room but you would never know with all my treasured stuff! Yes stuff; knick knacks that the children have given me over the years,bits and bobs i picked up,photos,vintage fabric,jam jars of shells i collected off the beach in scotland,books and my hard working sewing machine.
I love this little room,its about 15foot square with a huge bay window that lets loads of light in;i look out to trees that turn the colours of green to red through the seasons.
I cleaned windows,aired curtains and folded all my materials,and now to make pillow covers for the big comfey sofa. When zoe comes to stay i make a bed up on the sofa she says its like being in a womb! Dont think she can remember that far back!

Oh what to sew next


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