Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday afternoon

water in the wellies

paddling in the brook

down the lane

picking blackberries

Another lovely sunday afternoon with eva and lou lou man (grandchildren), we went looking for the first blackberries and a paddle in the brook.I love nature and with autumn round the corner i already can see the early signs autumn is my favourite season.I love all seasons but autumn comforts my senses,the dew in the mornings,the changing colours of the trees,the smell of a chimney on a damp day.

I feel so lucky to have this lovely countryside all around me,my eldest daughter calls our home her country retreat.I love her coming home we try to spoil her alittle so she can relax and we help her with the children.
Tonight they are staying over night this gives zoe and i a chance to talk,the grandchildren are tucked up in bed and tomorrow morning they want me to make them pancakes for breakfast.

What a lovely day!

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