Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Walking the dog.

Washed the breakfast dishes and thought before i get side tracked i will call my two eldest daughters(as i do every morning) and then take our dog wizard on his favourite walk.Wizard is a pedigree black labrador he is 4yrs old and is very much my husbands dog and has my husbands temperment.
Wizard comes from a breed of working dogs he was born in a kennel outside and does not like to be inside the house,we do not work him his job is to guard our home when we are not here and give us the alarm when we are home a job he does so well.
The village we live in is a dogs dream, we live at the bottom of a lane and this leads onto fields the farmer allows us to roam free on his land.
Now i have started my blog i love picking up the camera and taking my pictures it has made me realise how blind i have been.
I saw signs of autumn yet the sun is shining its summer haze,the wheat stands golden in the fields the earth is  
cracked beneath our feet in places you can put your fingers in the cracks.
Early evening the skies went grey and as the evening has gone by the wind has started to howl but still no rain,i wake most mornings and look out of our bedroom window at the apple trees laden with their fruit
hoping rain will come and give them the drink they so badly need.

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