Friday, 12 August 2011

Work to be done.....

The rain we so badly need came in the still of the night,by mid morning the air was humid but the work in our garden was calling me.We have lived in our house for four years its a 1930s property with a large piece of land.
The garden was completley over grown,before the house was built the land in our area was an orchard the fruit was for a local jam company which is still in business today.When we bought our property there was a few old twisted apple trees which gave plenty of fruit but none that were worth using as they had black spot.
The house was in an equally bad state as the garden but that is another story.
A year after moving in our home a property developer offered us a substantial amount of money for at least 3/4 of our land.I declined the offer,the property developer told me "you could go on a cruise round the world with the money!" I could not think of anything worse! I certainly would not be able to walk round my garden in the morning or sit under the apple tree in the rain,swing my grandchildren on their swing. What price can these simple pleasures measure?
We are going to replant a small orchard later in the year,we have managed to clear the black spot virus by keeping the ground clean under the trees.
I planted a climbing rose under the large tree in memory of my nan (grandmother), nan passed away the year before we came here; i have placed a small statue of a sleeping angel at the foot of the tree. My nan was an amazing lady and i am honoured to have been loved by her.
I went for a walk today and walked through the small wooded area oppisite us,my grandaughter eva tells me this is where the fairies live,the wood has a small stream and i have promised her we will put our welly boots on and walk through the stream.
Later in the day i planted a few cottage garden favourites until the skies went grey and alittle more rain come.

the woods


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