Saturday, 3 September 2011

Waffling Now!

2nd Book
1st Book

I bought Miss Dahls "Voluptuous Delights" last year and thought it was brillant,loved her simplicity in her recipes plus her photos are so vintage!
Sophie Dahl has bought her second book out,only this week.Sophie Dahl "from season to season! A year in recipes.
I buy most of the new realeased books from Amazon (mainly used ones), i so wanted this book that i ordered it Thursday paid express delivery for it to arrive today (saturday Morning)!
Now every now and again abook or magazine that i have so wanted will have a strange affect on me,when it actually arrives i cannot look at it straight away.This is one of those times! As soon as it arrived i quickly and i mean quickly look through the pages,with toe curling excitment,then quickly shut the book and put it somewhere in the kitchen where i can see it. For the rest of the day thinking "i cant wait to read it" but of course this could take a few days before this happens as i have to wait for the excitment to calm itself.
Now the next few days are busy as we are getting ready to go to Scotland,Shall i read it on the plane? NO! who would want to read it on a plane,i would get to the 2nd or 3rd recipe crying "give me an oven!!"
I will be taking it to Scotland to show Terri but its not holiday reading material as i want to relax. So in reality it looks like a good while yet! Ha!
When ever i look at Sophie Dahl she reminds me so much of our Milly to look at, Milly is only Sweet Sixteen but she has such a pretty vintage look about her. Angel like...Well i guess, i have waffled enough so back to the ironing with the book on the side where i can see it but not to be touched! x

I love this picture of Milly, cant you tell i am already missing her and i have not gone yet and whats worse i am only going for three days!

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