Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Today has been such a long Day...We went to bed early last night to get some sleep as we had to be up early to make our way to the airport.The wind was howling last night and the rain heavy,sleep finally came and then louie woke me at 3 am he looked awful with a fever.I managed to make him comfortable and get him warm as he was shivering.Finally at 5.30 am we made the decision not to go to Scotland.
As the day has gone on i can see this was the right decision as louie went to the doctors this morning and was given antibiotics for sinusitis, because of the antibiotics he is going to feel alittle worse before he feels better, also plenty of steam face baths.
I have put the packed suitcases in the spare bedroom as i have not had the heart to unpack them and just found it difficult all day to concentrate on anything.
I love visiting Scotland and i love spending time with my family,so i just have to accept this present situation.
That word Acceptance, how many times have you said to your children,partner,neighbour or work collegue "try to accept it,you will feel better". Well today i struggled all day not seeing my family or louie and i spending some time together, until finally i realised i had to accept.I will never use this word flippently again.
The main thing is that louie gets better and rests. x

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