Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Art of being Patient!!

I want to Scream, pull my hair, throw myself down on the floor or sit in the pantry with the spiders and close the door, (i would if i didnt think i would fall through the wooden floor riddled with "wet rot!"). The floor tiler came and layed new kitchen tiles on monday, i have to say i had a nagging feeling with me sunday evening that all was not going to go to plan. Tuesday he came to grout the tiles, now the tiles are a large (french grey) ceramic tile and i choose a dark grey grout.  The kitchen is the heart of our home, i  have my woodburner and a large sitting area in the kitchen so when family is over there is alot of traffic, taking all this into account my home has to be quite robust and easy cleaning. Getting back to the tiler, when he realises i have dark grout he falls to pieces and tells me " how time consuming and difficult this product is to work with", i am fully aware of this thats why i prebooked him weeks ago and told him he would need to allow two working days for this floor.
I should have followed my gut feeling there and then, stopped him in his tracks,paid him for his time and sent him on his way. No miss meek and mild ignored her inner self screaming out "stop,stop" and went outside to work on the garden.
Now without going into a very lengthy saga about he said, i said, the bottom line is he has ruined our new kitchen floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tiles are proud, some spaces to big, tiles not in line etc,etc.
I do not have the patience to take up the WHOLE floor, neither the finances to pay for another set of tiles, so i have called a friend of ours to come and try to make another mans wrongs look alittle easier on the eye!!
All this trying to be a better person, deep breathes, there is always someone worse off, its only a kitchen floor, the glass is half full, not half empty well right now i want to TIE HIM UP,COVER HIM IN FAT, ROLL HIM IN ALL THE PIDGEONS FAVOURITE GRUBS, STICK A ROSY RED APPLE IN HIS MOUTH AND THROW HIM TO THE BIRDS!!
Guess i have got abit of work to do on myself, well i have locked myself away upstairs cleaning, not to be disturbed until i can be trusted back into civilization. x

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