Thursday, 1 September 2011

"Becareful What You Wish For!

"Migdale Loch" I look like an Elf sitting waiting for the animals of the forest to come out and say "Hello".
I have found myself in alittle predicament....For the last three years louie and i take a short break and go and see my Family up in the Highlands of Scotland,i have three cousins (brother and two sisters) that moved to scotland with their own Families over the Last 6 years.They all live in the same Valley, two of them live side by side.
We stay with my cousin Dave,wife Terri and their son John they are the lovlliest people you could ever wish to meet.For the few days we are there,the world stands still for me and i feel so rested.
Getting back to my Predicament, last year cousin Dave took us to this man made loch called "Migdale Loch" the water was so still it mirrored the scenery around it,breathtaking! I Said "what i would give for a wet suit right now,i would swim in the loch". Next day we went to this most beautiful beach on the West coast which is known as the "Carribiean" again breathtaking! I again said " oh if only i had a wet suit i could swim in the sea". What i did not think for one moment was louie was actually listening to me (for once!)and took a mental note.
Two weeks ago Louie told me he had a "surprise" for me when we go to scotland, first thought was, "oh no he wants to re-new marrige vows".This is not something i would like as i am a once and once only kinda girl.
Second thought "oh no he has bought us two tickets to go back packing around Australia!"This also would not appeal to me but has always been a dream of Louies,So when he gave me a gift voucher to have a fitting for a wet suit "Wow" was i relieved and Happy.

On the "Carribean" beach collecting Limpet shells
Now over the last 3 weeks realitiy has set in,the last time i went swiming was five years ago,since then i have had a back injury, the guilt i would feel if i never used the suit.Plus at 47 years old the body is still as strong as it ever was (thankfully) but not as agile or supple.After much thought i have decided to take a raincheck on the wet suit,tell louie what a thoughtful man he is everyday, and in future"BECAREFUL WHAT I WISH FOR!" x

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