Saturday, 10 September 2011

Curtains at last!

I finally finished first pair of curtains, they sit under our work top.
We will be in our new kitchen in about two weeks time, the electrician is booked,Graham our floor tiler comes in a weeks time to lay our floor tiles and lastly the heating engineer will then put in our gas cooker!
Its taken us four years to get this far, in that time we have put in all new windows,new boiler for hot water, woodstove and replaster everyroom. We then built an extension for new kitchen and upstairs a dressing room (for the large wardrobe of clothes that i do not have!) and ensuite which has yet to be plumbed in but we do have a very basic family bathroom.
It all sounds very glamourous but it is of the simplest of design.
Our kitchen units are made of 200 year old English Oak floorboards which a customer of louies gave him for our woodstove! There are no doors to the units i opted to make curtains to hide the shelving, it is truly a "Little House on the Prarie" kitchen.
I Teak oil the wood every week and it just keeps getting better, the wood is a lovely warm honey colour now.I wonder where it stood and grew for two hundred years before it came to be my kitchen?
Louie worked in the garden today, cutting the grass and picking up more apples.We have to lay more grass seed down this week to sow the second lawn and then in December we will be planting a mini orchard.Now to start the second pair of curtains for under the sink area and tomorrow a trip to garden centre for Hollyhock seeds.x