Thursday, 8 September 2011

Cutting Corners...

Yesterday i spent the day sewing curtains for my Kitchen, i went to bed last night knowing i had made mistakes. I dare say you would not have noticed them but i would always know they were there, if i am honest i was cutting corners in haste.
My good friend Trish who taught me to make curtains would not of approved. So this morning up early to inspect my mistakes, i spent the next couple of hours carefully undoing every stitch i made yesterday.
Firstly i always think the best curtains are handmade as the stiches sit better.
Secondly my golden rule for me is to always tack before sticthing.
Thirdly check again and again measurements are accurate.
I have to confess i broke all three of my golden rules, i was never going to be satisfied working like this.
I have now put right my mistakes and tonight i will sit infront of my stove happliy stiching!
The material is "Kitchen Check" by Kath Kidson,i have already washed it and will do so again after they are finished,i like the faded look. I also do not mind seeing signs in stitching that its Homespun but the stiching has to be small and neat.
Its a lovely feeling putting mistakes right! x

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