Sunday, 18 September 2011

Haggis for Tea!

Last week i bought two Haggis from our butchers, they are very tasty and make a good subsitute for the ones we have eaten in Scotland. My cousin Patsy ( we call her woo) cooked louie and i Haggis a couple of years ago when we went up to visit. We were hooked straight away, tonight i have served Haggis with mashed potatoes and mashed swede, plenty of butter and pepper on them, i also served my homemade gravy i made last week. The recipe for the gravy was by "octoberfarm" and tasted delicious.
I lit a candle for the table and enjoyed our sunday night tea, bed early tonight i think with a book.

We have a busy week this week in the house, the new kitchen floor is to be tiled and our carpenter to replace my Pantry floor as we have wet rot!! x

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