Thursday, 15 September 2011

I asked For Apples and i got Apples!

Started work early this morning, prepared vegtables for Homemade gravy and put this on the hob for cooking.Thought i would walk down the bottom of our garden as i do most mornings, what a surprise so many of our cooking apples fallen to the ground. Now this has taken us four years to rid these apples of a Black spot virus without using any chemicals so i feel they are like natures chosen fruit!
I did not have any intention of having a great baking day today but i could feel my plans were about to change.  No oven; so i thought i will make Crumbles as this is alittle quicker than pies, i picked up two bag fulls thinking " i wish i could get these up to Terri in scotland in the blink of an eye" herself being a Homebaker. Now this hob of mine is very small and does not quite fit two very large pans on it at the same time, so a bit of a juggling act.
I made an Apple Crumble and a Blackberry and Apple Crumble, i found my Crumble mix recipe so of course i made to much but that was a bonus today as i put the extra in the freezer! I used my vanilla castor sugar that i always make by popping a vanilla pod in a large jar of natural castor sugar, this just gets better the longer you leave it. I use all natural sugars, its slightly golden in colour but i feel it tastes better and gives a golden colour to baking.
After much washing up today my gravy came out to be a lovely rich gravy, quite intense in taste, will be lovely on winter meats. My crumbles look lovely, i simmered the apples gently with alittle golden castor sugar, they are the nicest apple, worth waiting four years. After apples cooled down i put crumble mix on top, in a freezer bag and labelled them. I dare not go down the garden this afternoon to see the rest of the apples that await my culinery skills, its afternoon now and i am feeling alittle slow, so off to make the beds! x

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