Monday, 12 September 2011

A Walk on the Wild Side

I have just taken Wizard for his walk across the fields,i have left it quite late in the day hopeing the winds would settle down when infact they have got stronger here by the hour.
Walking down the Lane it looked so pretty but the winds were absolutely deafening! The silver birch trees were bending backwards and forwards, the wind seemed to give Wizard some kind of energy rush, he was flying round the fields.Across the field is alittle Victorian bridge,  the farmer of the time built it so he could cross the brook with his horse and cart to save going round the village to get from one field to another.There is an older gentleman in the village; lived here all his life,he tells me as a boy he would help the farmer drive the cattle through the village.
When i looked over to the next field i could see the farmer ploughing his field, getting ready for the freezing temperatures of winter to break down his heavy clay soil.
In his machine he will have air conditioning and a heater for the coldest of days, a radio to listen to, a mobile phone if he needs to be contacted or the farmers wife calls him in for lunch.
I know a retired farmer and wife who are still old school, when the farmer is pottering about on his land, the farmers wife will go into the yard and from the same spot she will make a certain whistle for lunch and another whistle that tells him to come to the house he is needed!This is not with a hand held whistle just sounds only she can make.
The farmer has the modern machinery now and says he never uses the air con as he gets to cold and never uses the heater as he gets to hot! Ha! He leaves this to his sons.
Well back to my ironing and since i have started blogging this is a chore that takes considerbly longer x

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