Sunday, 11 September 2011

Conkering at 47!

Louie and I took our milly out to lunch to louies favourite restaurant, we wanted to spend sometime with La (this is what we at home call our milly) as we wanted to hear all about her week. La started college this week she is studying A Levels.La also has a part time job so her time is now really limited to family life.
After lunch i asked her if she would like to come Conkering with me but at sixteen on a sunday afternoon there was better things and people to see than go Conkering with her ma!
So! I went conkering on my own with the camera,the walk was lovely and i could so smell the new season coming in, everytime i found a conker on the floor in its shell i wanted to shout to one of the kids to take a look.I could almost hear jade saying "lets see,lets see",when the kids were young we would go conkering and the deal was you had to throw your shoe up into the tree to knock the conkers down, the fun really started when the shoe got stuck up in the tree!
Today i was alittle more reserved so i picked the conkers off the floor and loaded my pocket until bulging.
I walked home feeling like i had a pocket full of treasure, i did i had a pocket full of Autumn! x

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  1. What a lovely image I have of your outing and that photo of the bulging pocket is wonderful, a sweet and magical outing with your lovely La:~)