Monday, 19 September 2011


I have been up most of the night with Louie, himself still not feeling well. I think the last lot of antibiotics have been alittle to strong and upsetting his stomach. A couple of years ago Louie had stomach surgery and he must not allow himself to be sick due to his surgery.Last night he woke me feeling sick with stomach cramps ( this always worries him) so i sat with him for a couple of hours but in the end we had to ring the emergency out of ours surgery. Luckily i had some of the anti acid tablets in the draw that the doctor advised Louie to take. This saved a trip to the surgery in the early hours. I then settled Louie made him comfortable and gradually his stomach settled, next thing he was snoreing contently ( i was so thankful). I just got comfortable in bed and closed my eyes and the alarm went off, time to get up!
Knowing we had our floor tiler coming to tile the kitchen floor, i could not allow myself to give in to fatigue, so up to make a cup of tea and see to my patient who was still sleeping like a baby Ha!!!
 After Louie left for work i set about making an apple pie and apple and blackberry crumble. I am starting to realise i am not going to be able to use all my apples off our tree as very soon i am going to have a freezer full of just apple pies!

I have always baked for some reason when the house is in utter chaos Ha! x

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