Friday, 16 September 2011

More Apples!

I am rushing today, i have made a very quick apple pie; presentation is not brillant so this one will be for La and Louie midweek when i my new cooker arrives!
I am going to pick our Eva up from school with Zoe today and then Zoe and children are staying with us tonight.
I am looking forward to tonight just having dinner with them and testing my Homemade Lollies on them, a child will always give you an honest answer!
On a more serious note i went to bed last night thinking and hopeing that the Four miners trapped 90 metres down a shaft in cardiff would have been rescued by morning. During the night rescuers managed to go 30 metres into the shaft and had to turn back, this morning these poor men are still trapped.
Prayers are needed for these men and their families, hopefully they will be rescued soon and return to their famillies x

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