Friday, 30 September 2011

My Birthday

Its my Birthday today, i had a cup of tea in bed this morning with my grandchildren sitting in bed with me....lovely!
Louie bought me tea and roses in bed, they are beautiful.
I had beautiful cards that i really love, my family know me so well!
More flowers from Zoe and Jadey,

What a lovely card.

I bought Eva yesterday a French knitting doll, did you have one as a child?
When Eva went to bed last night i sat and practised french knitting, i had forgotten how it works, but it soon came back to me, the little girl in me wanted to hide it away and keep her! Ha!
Days like today show me how lucky i am, we are a family that tell each other everyday that we love one another, but some days i stand back and watch my family from a distance, just for a brief moment and my heart melts. Today is one of those days! x

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