Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Our Dog Wizard

Our Dog Wizard cried all day yesterday,he sat in the same spot in the garden looking up at our bedroom window! The weather was raining and winds and still he would not give in and go in the warmth of his kennel.I went outside and tried to console him but No he was not having any of it.
Come late afternoon he was soaking wet and i tried to have another go at coaxing him in the warmth of his kennel but he just would not let me near him.He finally gave in when darkness fell and my ears thought they could still hear him as i had been listening to him all day.
This morning louie came down to see him and gave him a fuss,i have never seen an animal so pleased to see his master!Tail wagging.teeth showing almost laughing.This is all Wizard wanted, was to see his master, he has been quite ever since. What it is to be loved!
I have decided to make today a productive day so i am sewing,will post again later. x

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