Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Our friend Terry can go to his bed tonight knowing he is our Hero!
He has worked wonders on our kitchen floor, there are still tiles slightly protruding but he spent most of the day re-grouting the whole floor, its now much easier on the eye to live with.
I have had a lovely surprise this afternoon, recently i have been thinking and planning to make homemade christmas decorations for our home. I ordered Country Livings book" Bright and Merry" which arrived this week, with all whats been going on in the house i have not had time to give it a proper look. This idea of Homemade Decorations has led me thinking about my Lovely Nan, christmas was Nans favourite time of the year. Her baking would start weeks before christmas, there would be little stacks of presents in her bedroom for each member of the family, it was not uncommon to get someone elses present by mistake as she would put wrong labels on presents! Ha!
All Nans decorations were homemade or acquired from jumble sales, but the atmosphere was magical,one that only she could create.
Here comes the surprise, i checked my emails this afternoon and found that my uncle had sent me a couple of photos of myself as a child, one of them i am sitting on my aunts lap in nans house at christmas.
The second picture i am holding my baby cousin with nan over my shoulder.
The days drama of the kitchen floor seemed light years away and looking at these old photos i was transported back as a child sitting in Nans home. What makes this such a surprise is that my immediate family were not people who took a great deal of photos, so there are not many of me in my childhood.
I started my day clouded with the woes of my kitchen floor and i finish my day dreaming of years gone by smiling to myself. This weekend i start my Homemade decorations thinking of my lovely Nan knowing how very lucky i have been in having her as my Nan, and how she always walks with me. x

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