Saturday, 17 September 2011

Our Home x

The Story so far....when the children were young we didnt stop to think about buying our own Home, we were raising our children struggling to keep our heads above water. Rent,food,clothes,bills,petrol,running two cars and holidays abroad. I have always valued money; if i am honest; i have always been alittle afraid of money yet at the same time i believe later on when we did buy our first house i grew to become a wiser person with money.
The chance came for us to buy our first House and i was terrified of  the thought,  strangely i felt life was going to change as i knew it.We went ahead with our first morgage and i guess this was the start of my Thrifting. What does this mean? This meant a check in the food cupboards before a food shop as to what was needed not browsing around supermarkets tempted by quick fix meals.
Following the laundry labels and making clothes last, mending them when they get alittle wear and tear, i like alittle vanity as i am no saint but there was no room for the latest fashions in my wardrobe, a little imagination in how i wanted to dress and furnish our home saved money.
Three years later we sold our house to the first people that viewed it and went on to buy our second House, another four years of hard work, dust,rubble,periods of time with no hot water,leaking roofs,rotten windows,draughts,mud and mice! Then there is the garden to plan!
Once again the first person to view our Home bought it after three weeks of people viewing. The dream in me was stirring inside, if i dared to dream, it was to live in a quite location with an element of countryside with alittle piece of land that i could plant fruit trees and live a private life where the world did not notice me but where i could learn to be myself and walk with my eyes wide open.Now by this time i had built up trust in my estate agent and he in me, so when he called to say" a house had come on the market but needed an awful lot of vision" curositiy got the better of us. It was a block viewing one saturday, "open house" for all to view at the same time; just turn up between 9.30 am untill 2.00 pm no appointment needed.
We arrive at miday, pulled up in Louies old battered works van, to see cars parked all along the verge, people walking away shaking their heads in disbelief of the work they could only visualize.
Now the renovation of three houses under my belt i am thinking i am a hardy old girl and never one to shy away from a challange if i have vision but this house made me feel i wanted to hold my breath! There were people everywhere, i needed to get some fresh air and made my way into the back garden to interupt a couple having an argument, the woman of the couple pleading with her husband to take her home as she could not cope with the work that would be needed. I walked down the garden away from the crowd and waited for Louie to find me and tell me "this is the one" i know him so well. Ha!
Somehow the bidding war fell in my lap, there was six of us bidding ALL cash buyers".Ten days later our offer accepted.We are four years into building our dream and work is still on going, but i walk every day with my eyes wide open loving every precious moment and grateful that i was given the pleasure of turning this house into our much loved Home. x
These next pictures are of our old home.

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