Friday, 23 September 2011

Out with the Old in with the New!

This morning i had to empty our Pantry as the Insurance Man was coming at 9.00am to access our "wet Rot", yes we have it, no we are not covered on our building insurance! Surprise! Surprise!
Now the new kitchen floor is laid we can put our furniture back in, so this was the picture in our kitchen this morning utter CHAOS!
This is my very sad Pantry,but not for long, i am very attached to this cupboard and have big ideas what i am going to do with it. Nowadays alot of people turn their pantries into downstairs toilets, but not for me, i love how the pantry keeps your food cool and arranged properly saves you alot of space in the
kitchen area.
I wont say to much about the floor tiles, only that i love the colour, its a very gentle grey.
Starting to move food in the new kitchen, exciting stuff!
Yesterday i took Zoe shopping and out to lunch as it will be her birthday on sunday. I bought her a lovely pair of winter boots, we had a lovely day together.
While we were shopping i popped into "Kath Kidson" and bought a new oil cloth for the new kitchen table. I will keep the old oil cloth for when Eva and Lou Lou do their painting and glueing pictures.
I decided i wanted to make a decorative edge to the cloth, so i made a template using a rice crispie cereal box and my favourite tea cup (i like the shape). Using the template i drew round it on the wrong side of the cloth then cut the edge of cloth following my template line.
When you cut out the pattern, you can not do this in a rush, but once i relaxed i found it theraputic!
With the edging the cloth compliments the table. x

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  1. I love my pantry. It used to be a porch and was closed in, so Norm put lots of shelves in there. And we have it insulated, now, so that nothing freezes in the winter.