Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A Trip To Our Corner Shop!

Today i spent the day sewing and had every intention of writing this post about my lovely curtains i made today,i packed away my sewing and before i sit down with a cuppa i thought i must just "nip" to our little corner shop".
Now i am fully aware that i am alittle bit away with the faries at the moment due to the last 24 hours or more.I entered the shop knowing exactly what i needed ( i am not a browser,i always make a mental note of what i need) minding my own business i could hear alittle drama in the background but paid no attention as i was spitting feathers between me and me that "mince pies" for christmas was being displayed on the shelf!!!!
We have 3 more family birthdays before christmas and its only september.
I joined the queue of people waiting to be served at the till, infront of me was a guy of around late 30s he seemed highly anxious, he looked like he had done a hard days work and wanted to head for home.
Now as i am waiting i spotted a large tin of sweets at half price stacked in the spot right near the queue area to tempt you to buy them while you are waiting.Yes, i fell prey to this little scam, we do not eat alot of chocolate but its nice to have it in the house at CHRISTMAS AND BIRTHDAYS!
I am now telling myself to put them down but at the same time holding them like a babe in arms.
Next minute the guy infront of me turns to me and shouts " The lottery machine has gone down!". "Oh" i repiled."oh! Dont you want to win 126 Million?" he spat out, "No not realy i couldnt cope with it" was my answer.I thought the guys eyes were going to start rolling, you could see this man could taste the money (or not so) on his lips! He then went on to tell me how this "country" i call home has gone to the dogs,there is no work,no money to be made and how he wants out.
"Think what the money could buy you" he says, with this i could take no more,"NO! I do not know what the money could buy me, a whole load of upheavel i guess!" is what i stearnly gave him. He quickly turned his back on me, probley thinking i am utterly deluded!
126 Million Pounds! when i cant even decided if i need a tin of sweets for £4.99!  x

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