Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Trying to get the Balance Right...

Last week i bought a second hand tall freezer (its nearly new) the freezer cost me £60. What a bargain!
The freezer has six good size draws and a shallow slidey draw for freezing berries before you bag them up.
I have always been fussy about food and at times made harder work for myself. Please dont be thinking i am some kind of Goddess in the kitchen, far from it,but i do try hard at putting a decent Homebaked dinner on the table. My Lovely Nan taught me to cook and her cooking was second to none, i would just sit in her small kitchen on the only chair that she could squeeze in which always had a pile of old newspapers and second hand magazines stacked on it, you ended up sitting two foot higher than the chair!
Nan was not a fancy cook her food was meat and veg dishes, curry with sultanas, the cheapest joints of meat cooked slowly until they were mouth watering tender. Her cakes and flapjacks were out of this world tasty to a small child who adored her Nan. My family ( aunts,auncles and cousins) laugh together about her gravy, when we would all meet up together for sunday roasts at nans, we would sneak in the kitchen and drink the gravy with a spoon out of the pan like soup ( cant take to much, as the game would be up) not realising we were all doing it! But the gravy pan always seemed to remain full, we were not fooling her! Ha!
I started thinking a while back how important nans little chest freezer was to her, its the same with my people in scotland always a full freezer.
After being use to cooking for six of us i found it difficult over the last couple of years to get the balance of food right for the three of us, many times now its just louie and i at the table, so i came up with this brain wave; cook for six (as i can do this with my eyes closed) and what is not needed FREEZE!
Now i do not mean Food shop for six but i do get the balance wrong sometimes.
When ever i get a moment i am reading up on what foods can be frozen and the must nots. Today i started; i picked some of our rosy red apples, used our blackberries, 3 manderin oranges and put them through the jucier, then added as much water as juice added alittle sugar gave a good old stir,tasted the juice to my liking and poured in moulds. ROCKET ICE LOLLIES!
Later in the day i went to supermarket and done my food shop ( not meat, i buy this from butchers) i took advantage of any special offers that may be of good use to me on my freezer quest.
Until we move in our new kitchen i do not have an oven or grill, i have been cooking on three hob rings; so i am limited to what i can do.
I miss making my Homemade bread and baking cakes but not long now.(she says!)
Tomorrow i am making "jazoctoberfarm" homemade gravy,vegtables are all bought locally, cant wait x

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