Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What colour to choose...

I have finished my Homemade Wreath, i decided to hang it on the door leading into my sewing room.
I hung a small wooden heart in the middle and braided some embroidery thread.
I have cut out my bunting templet and now i have to decide on what material to use, this is the difficult bit.
I wanted to make bunting with christmas colours in mind but i cant live with Red in the house, i find it overbearing. Now the rooms that are decorated in the house are very light colours and i like to add colour in the accessories. The colours i am drawn to do not seem to be christmas colours, does that matter?
The christmas tree this year in our home is going to be an artificial white tree, i have read this is the original vintage tree. The white tree was used before the war (2nd world war), the room would have been decorated with Homemade paper chains, some people using newspaper! So here is my idea, i am going to see what paper chains made with christmas pages of magazines look like, with the help of Eva and Lou Lou.
Getting back to bunting, these are my chosen colours;

The bunting is going to be small for the kitchen window, i will sew a few buttons on the ticking.
I think if i use plenty of fairy lights (which i like in the house all year round) this will set the vintage christmas scene.
Nearer christmas i will try to make a garland using cinnamon sticks,oranges and rose hips, then hang this near the woodburner which hopefully will release a christmas scent. Such big ideas i have! Ha! x

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