Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Just When I Thought I had it in the Bag!!!

What a Day! Poor Louie back at the Doctors with another course of anitibiotics for his Sinusitis.
We decided to take wizard for a walk across the fields as Louie felt he needed some fresh air, Louie is an outdoor man does not like to be sitting around to much so i agreed this would probly lift his mood.
For sometime now i have had my eye on a Blackberry Bush over the fields and thought to myself " this is the day for picking them", i shared my secret with Louie while walking down the lane and felt very pleased with myself. I went into great detail telling him how only i knew where they were. By this time i got so excited with myself i have quickend my pace with poor louie breathless trying to keep up,weakened by his present illness. This is normally very unlike me as i am a lazy walker always looking up at the sky!We cross over the field and i am saying "they are just over here" when i get to the bush there are no Black Diamonds waiting to be picked for me,i then realise someone has beaten me to it and picked my berries! Listen to me "My" like i am the only person who lives in the village, down to earth i came with a bump.I managed to pick a meagre few to make ice lollies for Eva and Lou Lou.
Returned home a beaten woman, decided to change the adorable teenage daughters bed,what a shock on entering that zone...A Pigsty!!
Now i know i am getting older and we become more tolerant and hopefully alittle wiser with age but i felt where have i been living to not notice this disaster zone.
 When all the kids lived at home i use to love making their beds daily, do their pack lunches,our daniel was fifteen and i was still cutting the crusts off his sandwhiches!
I know i should have closed the door and told milly to clean her own room but then i actually started feeling sorry for her that she wakes up in all that debris. Ha!
Once i got started i got to thinking, maybe there is some kind of Boot Camp that mothers of a certain age whose children are flying the nest can go to and learn how to be more assertive, after awhile i gave that thought up as its probly all to late for me to change even if i wanted to, which i dont.  While getting down to some serious cleaning in millys room i did find my vintage biscuit tin lid but alas no sign of the tin or the biscuits!!
Well after i cleaned and remade our lovely millys bed i felt so saitisfied, am i a push over? How long do i have La at home making her bed lovely for her? Have i failed my children by cutting off their crusts until the age of fifteen?
No the truth is i have and still do love everything i do for them.
I have had a productive day, i have learnt i am not the only person who lives in the village and my baby is now a full blown teenager and i have not lost my edge as i never had it in the first place!! Ha! x

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