Monday, 5 September 2011

Who i am!

Fighting the urge to spring clean before we leave for scotland! WHY? When ever i hear "we just packed a bag and took off" i almost nod my head in disbelief.I dont doubt for one minute this can be done and i almost envey what this must feel like.
I guess for me it all started when i became a mother,just to go to the shop for the smallest of provisions you have to make sure you have bottle,nappy,wipes,depending on weather hat,coat,cardigan,keys,purse,raincover the list goes on.Now my babies are flying the nest i am almost computerised in my mind i still have to make a big deal, but can i just pack a bag and go? No, the truth of the matter is i dont want to live for just thinking about myself,i dont want to change i want to carry on rushing,flapping about as this is what i do and who i am....and i love it.
Granted Spring clean the house before i go needs to be addressed and i need to have a talk with myself about that one!
I never want to stop thinking like a mother as the role just improves with time, when you then become a grandmother, more people to love, and a new chapter full of love begins. x

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