Monday, 31 October 2011

More garden talk...

Work on going in the garden, the steps leading up to the lawn were built today, so i rushed outside through the day and took photos, i cannot believe how fast the grass is growing!

The digger awaits;

The ground gets levelled tomorrow, we have not had level ground since we moved here. We removed 120 ton of soil to create a level ground to build our extension.That was a huge job, which is why we have to step up to our lawn.
The coal man delivered our first delivery of coal for the winter,

Tomorrow another day of work in the garden, this mild weather makes it a delight to work outside. x

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Its hard to think this;
is now this.

is now this,

We have worked hard on the garden and still have plenty to do, i am so pleased i am blogging with this garden of mine, i can see our progress. A garden is an extension of your home. x

Green green grass!

We woke up at some early hour this morning, due to the clock change, i got up to make a cuppa tea and looked out of the kitchen window to see,
Lovely grass,the lawn is finally coming through!

Oh what a picture, i hope to be planting come December. x

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Something Orange...

Zoe and grandchildren stayed over last night, so this morning we had pancakes for breakfast (as always) and started on the Pumpkin.

Eva and Lou Lou get started...
Now for the messy bit,
My dad wants a piece of the action,

Eva and Lou Lou have now taken him home to do alittle more work on him.
I am now going to start my housework and hopefully put the first coat of paint on alittle project i have in mind. x

Friday, 28 October 2011

A Vintage Coffee Cup...

I received a lovely present from my friend Clara today...
A beautiful coffee cup and saucer with side plate, i think its beautiful, what a lovely gift to  
give someone.

I love it, love it! I cant wait to have my coffee in the morning. Thank you so much Clara x

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Damp old Day...

Today has been a rainy, damp old day, i love rain infact i love all weathers but i do not appreciate the dampness in the air.
Louie has been working at home this afternoon as we have the groundsman here to lay our new outside drains, level the ground and hopefully lay our shingle for our court yard garden to be!
This is the area that will soon be our shingle garden, infact this is going to be very beautiful one day.

Louie netting off the grass seed area so our dog Wizard cannot sneak up there, the seed has just started to germinate and we have very fine grass coming through.  I cannot wait to cut a lawn!

This is the back of our house, it reminds me of our Millys dolls house.

Honestly the grass is starting to grow!
I have lit the stove so we are warm and cosy.

Our kitten is getting bigger by the day. x

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I Love Them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look what came in the post this morning...
When i went shopping with my dad last week, we popped into Cath Kidson, i saw a pair of fingerless gloves; they were £25! I could not believe it, i dropped them back on the table like they were burning my hands.My dad offered to buy them for me, i told him " people are starving in the world" he says " you buying the gloves wont change that my girl". This sadly may be true, i was just on my save the world mode. So i went to plan b and emailed our Terri in scotland and asked her to knit me fingerless gloves, colour brown.
This morning they arrived and they are beautiful, i love the colour and style! How clever she is, i never expected them so quick.
They are truly better than the ones i saw in Cath Kidson!

I could only show one hand as i was taking the picture with the other.Thank you,thank you to our Terri.x

Monday, 24 October 2011

Half Term...

I took our kitten "Mister" to the vets this morning for his last batch of injections before he can go outside, i met Jane who fostered our kitten until he was rehomed with us. Jane bought along her two children, they were around the ages of 9 and 7. Watching them reminded me of half term when my babies were young.
I use to love school holidays, i loved the no routine, it always seemed to be new shoes or hair cuts ( normally a bob hairstyle) that was top of the agenda.
Trick or treat night, i would put a stew in the oven, light the fire, then take the children trick or treating, i can still remember our Jades face when she would empty her little homemade container of sweets, she looked like she had a pot of gold, especially if she found a penguin bar in amongst her sweets! Ha!
Bonfire night was jacket potatoes, sausages, a large dish of grated cheese, Eves pudding for afters.
At the time it would seem like chaos, but knowing when i put them to bed they were tired from having fun, i would feel such a great feeling of pride!
We loved Shirley Hughes story books, zoe loved her little Post Office set i bought her, Daniel loved his A team figures and we still have Millys farmy animals, infact Eva was playing with them this sunday.
When the children are young, you think i will do this and this when they fly the nest, but to be honest i found that a myth as i still want to live my life around them every bit as i always have.
Infact Louie and i are sitting here watching "Doc Martin" remembering how much we love cornwall, then he says "lets go back to cornwall next year", "ok" i say "we can take zoe and the kids" he says, so it looks like a week in cornwall with the family in the largest caravan they have, because once jade hears about it, she will be in on it. I miss them as babies, i miss falling in my bed, asleep in seconds from great tiredness, but the sleep was the best it felt so restful. x

Sunday, 23 October 2011

What shall it be?

What shall you choose, lemon meringue pie or chocolate mousse?
Lemon Meringue is Zoes favourite dessert, she would ask me to make them for her all the time when she was pregnant with our Eva.
Today Zoe,Eva and Lou lou man came for dinner, i made this pie for her.
I also made a chocolate Mousse from my new Jamie Oliver cook book and served it in my vintage coffee cup and saucer. This looked very attractive and appealing. So whats the problem?
Well after we had finished our roast lamb sunday dinner, we all had full bellies with only enough room for a small amount of dessert. What a dilema when i asked the table, who wants what.
What a silly idea to make two desserts!
Some chose pie and some chose mousse, then we all sat at the table wishing we had , had, what the other person had! Confused? You should have been at the table!!!!! x

Friday, 21 October 2011

My Lovely Gal x

Of all the Daughters he could of given me, he chose you and i have been thanking him ever since.
A Mothers love is so often tested and at times boundries are often pushed to the limits, but its not these times that are the hardest, its days like today when i know you are hurting and i cannot take your pain away.
As your Ma i will stay close and be there for you, take your time and dont be afraid to cry.
Life sometimes seems unfair, leaving us asking many questions and giving no answers, one day you will look back at times like this and realise thats when you learnt the most about yourself.
Nothing stays the same and this time will pass, not to be forgotten, but take what little positive this has shown you and let it grow.
You are my gal and loving you is easy, love your ma x

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Where has the week gone?

We felt the cold last night in our little corner of the world, true to form here, i could feel the damp air last night when i went to bed, thankfully i have put flanalette sheets on the bed, they make the bed so cosy and warm.
This afternoon i was thinking; where has the week gone? What have i done thats so constructive this week?
Well, i have taken our dog Wizard for a check up at the vets and to have his yearly booster, taken my dad out to lunch, cleaned windows in the kitchen, sorted a large box of clothes and crocks for the charitiy shop, had the chimney swept and had my first routine screening mammogram this week!
My weeks are not normally this busy, i guess its all come at once.
After washing breakfast dishes this morning i set about making a lamb stew with plenty of root vegtables.
I have a confession to make, now i am struggling alittle with this, when i took my dad out for lunch, i took him to a book shop and he chose " jamie olivers new british cooking book", i had a little look and was impressed as i always am with jamie olivers recipes. So what did i do? The next day i went and bought myself one knowing i did not really need another cookery book.

Thats it now, i have made myself a promise,enough now, no more cookery books this year.
Its brillant! I love jamies recipes, as you seem to have alot of the ingredients in the cupboard.
I love his prawn cocktail in a jam jar!!
We have friends coming for sunday roast this weekend, so tonight its lamb stew with rosemary dumblings and horseradish mashed potatoes, mopped up with crusty bread. I have already lit the woodburner in the kitchen, so its lovely and warm. A night choosing recipes for sundays dinner cuddled up snug infront of the stove. I love autumn nights. x

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I got it at last!!!!

Today i took my dad out for lunch as it was his birthday last week, i took him to a  little itallian restaurant,  first we had a browse
 around the shops;
We went to john lewis and looked at the christmas decorations, i bought some lovely bits, a box of 6 baubles, gingham heart and star decoration, oh and 3 biscuit cutters!
I bought a metre of material from Cath Kidson, its the boat pattern.

I then nipped into WHSmith and there on the shelf was "prima christmas makes" magazine, just for a milli second i stood staring at it in disbelief!
The magazine has lots and lots of goodies and ideas to make if you like crafting, but if you just want to browse, nest up with your favourite drink,nibbles and a favourite blanket and just allow yourself to go all dreamy with the vintage christmas pictures!

This is a must have magazine x

Monday, 17 October 2011

I must tell...

I must tell you about my find yesterday, i nipped into Tescos yesterday as i am still searching for the christmas magazine "christmas prima" edition that my fellow bloggers say is brillant. Bloggers being; Country Rabbit and Michelle Made This.
I have had no luck so far and maybe due to my fellow bloggers going public with this brillant magazine, everyone has gone out and bought it and are happily crafting at home and i am left running from store to store, i am changing tactics tomorrow and hitting Sainsburys!! Ha!
Getting back on track, while in tescos yesterday i came across these chopping boards made from some sort of toughened glass, with having oak kitchen worktops i do not put food directly onto our worktop. Now these chopping boards are light to handle and have suckers on the back and have a nice choice of patterns on them.
I am thinking these are perfect for rolling pastry, i bought one and today gave it a trial, i even put the board in the freezer for 30 mins while i walked the dog, came back and started to roll my pastry on this very cold board, brillant!! The pastry was so easy to handle, going to buy more.
My other find is a table that i came across last week, with all what has been going on in the house (kitten,gardners) i just have not had time to give this very quaint little table my attention.
I know it needs abit of TLC, what makes it quaint? Well i was not expecting this when i first looked at it;
It is a sewing box made into a table, how beautiful!

This lovely table cost me £5.00.
I can feel a grey colour for this table, a light grey, i am getting behind on my projects and the christmas bunting material is still looking at me! x

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Work in progress ...

Our landscape gardener came today and started work on our garden, landscape gardener is not really what Colin is but i cannot think of another title to give him. He knows nothing about plants and designs of gardens but everything about soil and grass seed and lawns!
He came and rotovated our garden and levelled the soil and raked and raked until the ground was perfectly level.

I could not believe how crumbly he got our heavy clay soil!

The view from my bedroom window, if you walk through the little gateway, you can see there is our land where i plan to plant a mini orchard in december.

This will one day be our shingled court yard garden, from this you have to step up to our lawn.

A brillant trolley gadget that sows the grass seed evenly.
Nearly done!
I cannot wait to start planting and planing. Lots and lots of roses. our lawnsman tells me if i water the soil everyday, i will have a lawn that i can cut in about ten days.
I plan to design this garden just for me ( louie shares my taste in the garden), one day when our house gets to big i plan to live in a wooden hut at the bottom of the garden. You may think me mad but this is my dream.
My wooden hut x