Saturday, 1 October 2011

Bowels to the Ready!

Another hot day...We filled our buckets with water and headed for the cool shade at the bottom of our garden. We put a line up between the apple trees and made our Teepee using old bed sheets, out came the tea set,mats and cushions.
Can you believe this is the first of October!

Now the fun really starts
Lou Lou mans bucket was nearly as big as Him!!!

They did not seem to mind that nanie does not have a swiming pool Ha!
More water please nanie...
Lou Lou man taking alittle rest after all this fun!
Now to "graffiti" nans fence with chalk!
Its one way to learn the Alphabet.

Zoe feeling alot better chatting with her grandad, we had a lovely day today. I planned to clean windows, mop floors and work in the garden, how can you with all that fun going on. Cleaning awaits me tomorrow.x

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