Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Funny old Day...

I woke today knowing i had plenty of errands to do, made a mental list and told myself, slow down, do one at a time. One of my errands was to go to our doctors and pick up louies perscription, our main surgery is out of the village but they open this little surgery in the mornings where they also dispense medication.The daftest thing is only one half of the village can use it! Anybody living past our one and only little shop( which is in the middle of the village) cannot use this amenitiy. Thankfully we live in the half that can use it.
Then it was to fill car up with diesel, we have the option of two garages both not a million miles away, and both i have dribbled the car into on the red with petrol light flashing.
Then onto the recycle tip which i always find fascinating, how it all works and everyone seems to know what they are doing.
Next port of call was the charitiy shop in the next village,they had boxes and bags that people had donated stacked at the door waitng for the reycle man to come and take them,"why are you not selling them?" i asked,  "we are full" said this kind faced lady. "help yourself, take what you want". I took a couple of bone china cups, it felt like i was stealing as anywhere else they would be on the shop shelf and being sold for pennies for the charitiy.
Finally i went to the supermarket, i did not need much here, now i am homecooking and freezing food.
I drove home almost feeling guilty, my little day of plenty, when so many good decent hardworking people are struggling in these times.
I have struggled, cant pay one bill as you need to pay another and i daresay i will struggle again at times, but i never want to walk neither blind or ignorant when life is being kind to me.I am grateful. x
Jade called round for a cuppa tonight, what a lovely surprise, the lovely gal bought me some oriental lillies
It was a treat to have her all to ourselves for a while. x

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