Monday, 24 October 2011

Half Term...

I took our kitten "Mister" to the vets this morning for his last batch of injections before he can go outside, i met Jane who fostered our kitten until he was rehomed with us. Jane bought along her two children, they were around the ages of 9 and 7. Watching them reminded me of half term when my babies were young.
I use to love school holidays, i loved the no routine, it always seemed to be new shoes or hair cuts ( normally a bob hairstyle) that was top of the agenda.
Trick or treat night, i would put a stew in the oven, light the fire, then take the children trick or treating, i can still remember our Jades face when she would empty her little homemade container of sweets, she looked like she had a pot of gold, especially if she found a penguin bar in amongst her sweets! Ha!
Bonfire night was jacket potatoes, sausages, a large dish of grated cheese, Eves pudding for afters.
At the time it would seem like chaos, but knowing when i put them to bed they were tired from having fun, i would feel such a great feeling of pride!
We loved Shirley Hughes story books, zoe loved her little Post Office set i bought her, Daniel loved his A team figures and we still have Millys farmy animals, infact Eva was playing with them this sunday.
When the children are young, you think i will do this and this when they fly the nest, but to be honest i found that a myth as i still want to live my life around them every bit as i always have.
Infact Louie and i are sitting here watching "Doc Martin" remembering how much we love cornwall, then he says "lets go back to cornwall next year", "ok" i say "we can take zoe and the kids" he says, so it looks like a week in cornwall with the family in the largest caravan they have, because once jade hears about it, she will be in on it. I miss them as babies, i miss falling in my bed, asleep in seconds from great tiredness, but the sleep was the best it felt so restful. x

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  1. We love Shirley Hughes to. Alfie and Annie Rose were the girls' favourites. Patrick is keener on talking cars and tractors at bedtime with his Dad, I think they are both missing out. You have inspired me, I will dig them out again, I think the middle one might like to use them for reading practise, and if not I will enjoy a revisit by myself. x