Monday, 3 October 2011

The Holliday Residence...

Floors mopped, walls and stairs washed down, throws and covers washed and blowing on the line all is quite in the Holliday residence!
I have had such a lovely time with Zoe and grandchildren this weekend i did not get to do much housework, what i love about this home of mine, it is easy cleaning. I have a saying if it cannot go in the washing machine or be washed down with soap and water it cannot come in.
I have yet to clean the windows and change the beds, i will wait until later when the heat cools down.

I rearranged my lovely birthday flowers
found the first bunting i ever made, it needs ironing!
This is my trolley i found in a junk yard, i gave it a coat of bluey grey paint, slightly distressed it and gave it a coat of mat varnish to make it washable. I love this trolley, the basket is for my tea towels, but as you can see its empty as all tea towels are in the ironing pile! I am such a sad person i iron tea towels, as a matter of fact while i am bareing my soul, i iron everything!!

All is quite at the table....for now.

Our apples and pears, i love my stairs, i love cleaning them, i get great satisfaction out of cleaning paint work on wood. I go all dreamy, painting the stairs is one of my best ideas and the longer the paint ages it gives more of a vintage look.
Well tomorrow the engineer is coming to connect the oven and plumb in the new sink (well second hand sink really, it cost me £10 and is very unusual, i love it) so i guess this is the week i move in my new kitchen and everything becomes functional.
My family from scotland are down south and are coming to see me tomorrow, i cant wait!
Big day tomorrow, i have promised Louie and the kids roast dinner on sunday. Louie wants roast Pork, jade will be here and wants rosemary and garlic roast potatoes,Zoe wants cauliflower cheese and lemon meringue pie for afters!
The pressure is on!! Ha! x

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