Thursday, 6 October 2011

I am back in the Race!!!!

I have had a lovely morning, both my big girls came over this morning for coffee, Lou Lou man has started school today so Zoe was able to come on her own, this was nice but i think its going to take Zoe awhile to get use to her free time.
Jade looked beautiful after her holiday, i wont deny how lovely it is to have her home.

My Beautiful big girls!
When they left i set about making my first cake in 8 months (due to no oven), first cake in four years on a gas cooker.It went like this;
Ingredients to the ready

I used my recipe from this book, its brillant!
So far so good Ha!
Once in the oven the kitchen starts to smell of Homebaking, i felt utter contentment while washing up, its the same feeling you get when you smell the first cut grass in spring.

Voilla!! I am back in the race of Homebaking!!!

This bit is not in the recipe book, its what i do. My  little secret is mix a couple of dessert spoons of icing sugar with a tub of Mascarpone Cheese, i mix this with a hand mixer to give me a nice consistency.
I warm my jam through to help it spread easily and soak in my sponge. Spread the bottom sponge with the cream cheese and the top sponge with jam and carefully put them together with a little pressure so the cheese comes slightly over the side. I then sprinkle with icing sugar which my grandchildren call " christmas snow sugar". It goes without saying to wait until sponge has cooled before you add the filling. Listen to me i am on a roll now, i think i am Delia Smith and its all my recipe!!

Now the question is, how long will it last in this household?
What a lovely morning, now to make Sheperds Pie and then mop floors! x

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