Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I Love Them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look what came in the post this morning...
When i went shopping with my dad last week, we popped into Cath Kidson, i saw a pair of fingerless gloves; they were £25! I could not believe it, i dropped them back on the table like they were burning my hands.My dad offered to buy them for me, i told him " people are starving in the world" he says " you buying the gloves wont change that my girl". This sadly may be true, i was just on my save the world mode. So i went to plan b and emailed our Terri in scotland and asked her to knit me fingerless gloves, colour brown.
This morning they arrived and they are beautiful, i love the colour and style! How clever she is, i never expected them so quick.
They are truly better than the ones i saw in Cath Kidson!

I could only show one hand as i was taking the picture with the other.Thank you,thank you to our Terri.x

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