Monday, 17 October 2011

I must tell...

I must tell you about my find yesterday, i nipped into Tescos yesterday as i am still searching for the christmas magazine "christmas prima" edition that my fellow bloggers say is brillant. Bloggers being; Country Rabbit and Michelle Made This.
I have had no luck so far and maybe due to my fellow bloggers going public with this brillant magazine, everyone has gone out and bought it and are happily crafting at home and i am left running from store to store, i am changing tactics tomorrow and hitting Sainsburys!! Ha!
Getting back on track, while in tescos yesterday i came across these chopping boards made from some sort of toughened glass, with having oak kitchen worktops i do not put food directly onto our worktop. Now these chopping boards are light to handle and have suckers on the back and have a nice choice of patterns on them.
I am thinking these are perfect for rolling pastry, i bought one and today gave it a trial, i even put the board in the freezer for 30 mins while i walked the dog, came back and started to roll my pastry on this very cold board, brillant!! The pastry was so easy to handle, going to buy more.
My other find is a table that i came across last week, with all what has been going on in the house (kitten,gardners) i just have not had time to give this very quaint little table my attention.
I know it needs abit of TLC, what makes it quaint? Well i was not expecting this when i first looked at it;
It is a sewing box made into a table, how beautiful!

This lovely table cost me £5.00.
I can feel a grey colour for this table, a light grey, i am getting behind on my projects and the christmas bunting material is still looking at me! x

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  1. I have one of these for my bedside table, it came via my Gran but I believe may belong to my godmother & father who were my Gran's neighbours. I am going to go and take a picture of mine so we can compare. I haven't dared paint mine though as whenever my mother sees it she reminds me who it used to belong to so technically, although it's been in my house for over 11 years, she doesn't consider it mine! I love your blog, it makes me feel comforted and homely. Hoping, when mine grow up, ours might be a bit like your house. I have some major work to do before then!