Saturday, 8 October 2011

Its starting to get chilly

Its been along day today, we had the electrician here all day, putting us new sockets in the kitchen and outside lights, back and front of the house.
While all this work was going on i decided to make an apple pie, i sent louie down the garden with ladder to climb our apple tree as there are some beauties at the top of the tree. I think i am baking to much as i made  Eva and Lou Lou man an " eggy bread pudding" last night for tea, half of this is still in the fridge, half of my cake in the cake tin and now a large apple pie baked on the cooker. I still think i am baking for six!
Tomorrow we are having a home visit from the R.S.P.C.A as i have agreed to Milly adopting a rescue kitten.
I spoke with the charitiy and they tell me there are three black kittens, one female and two males they are 9 weeks old. They were dumped in a bin and i am told they are making a good recovery. The decision we have to make is there is only a male and female left and are very attached to one another, do we adopt both?
This is double the vet bills, not forgetting we have our dogs vet bills.
Well lets start at the beginning i thought, have our home visit, then it will be our turn to go and see the kittens.
Tonight i am tired and i feel this week i can see we are so close to finishing our kitchen and having home comforts back. The weather has been chilly and damp here today, i have never known dampness like this little pocket we live in, we live off the main road through our village and down the bottom of a hill where its open fields. The damp normally starts end of october.
Oh well tonight its jacket potatoes for tea and a lazy night infront of the stove. x

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