Thursday, 13 October 2011

Look whose Arrived!

Louie and i went to pick up our new kitten this lunch time.
I want to call him "Mister Tom" after the film "Goodnight Mr Tom", i am a great John Thaw fan.
No name agreed yet, we will decide tonight, well Milly and Louie will decide and any input i have will no doubt be laughed at (this is normally how it goes).
I have numerous jobs calling me but i feel i cannot leave him for to long until he settles in. So i will have to suffer in silence reading this months new country living magazine! Some suffering Ha!
The strangest thing is; we had a cat called "Benny" and sadly we lost him five years ago, its taken us this long before we felt we could have another, but our little kitten is the image of him, i could hardly believe it when i saw him!
I cannot wait to see what the grandchildren think to him, this little kitten got dumped in a bin left to die and ends up in our lovely mad house, not so mad really, he will be cherished, all waif and strays normally are here!
I will call him "Mister" for now, he seems to be happy here, our dog Wizard has not stopped moaning all afternoon as he has seen Mister through the glass door, so i have to keep going outside fussing him.
Somebody come home and relieve me of this hard afternoon i am having! Ha! x

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  1. He is gorgeous Jackie! I think new kittens are the sweetest things ever! I remember when my two looked like that! Now they bring poor dead things in and aren't so cute but I love them anyway! I just know he's going to be be a real pampered puss! xxx