Friday, 21 October 2011

My Lovely Gal x

Of all the Daughters he could of given me, he chose you and i have been thanking him ever since.
A Mothers love is so often tested and at times boundries are often pushed to the limits, but its not these times that are the hardest, its days like today when i know you are hurting and i cannot take your pain away.
As your Ma i will stay close and be there for you, take your time and dont be afraid to cry.
Life sometimes seems unfair, leaving us asking many questions and giving no answers, one day you will look back at times like this and realise thats when you learnt the most about yourself.
Nothing stays the same and this time will pass, not to be forgotten, but take what little positive this has shown you and let it grow.
You are my gal and loving you is easy, love your ma x

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