Saturday, 15 October 2011

Work in progress ...

Our landscape gardener came today and started work on our garden, landscape gardener is not really what Colin is but i cannot think of another title to give him. He knows nothing about plants and designs of gardens but everything about soil and grass seed and lawns!
He came and rotovated our garden and levelled the soil and raked and raked until the ground was perfectly level.

I could not believe how crumbly he got our heavy clay soil!

The view from my bedroom window, if you walk through the little gateway, you can see there is our land where i plan to plant a mini orchard in december.

This will one day be our shingled court yard garden, from this you have to step up to our lawn.

A brillant trolley gadget that sows the grass seed evenly.
Nearly done!
I cannot wait to start planting and planing. Lots and lots of roses. our lawnsman tells me if i water the soil everyday, i will have a lawn that i can cut in about ten days.
I plan to design this garden just for me ( louie shares my taste in the garden), one day when our house gets to big i plan to live in a wooden hut at the bottom of the garden. You may think me mad but this is my dream.
My wooden hut x

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