Sunday, 23 October 2011

What shall it be?

What shall you choose, lemon meringue pie or chocolate mousse?
Lemon Meringue is Zoes favourite dessert, she would ask me to make them for her all the time when she was pregnant with our Eva.
Today Zoe,Eva and Lou lou man came for dinner, i made this pie for her.
I also made a chocolate Mousse from my new Jamie Oliver cook book and served it in my vintage coffee cup and saucer. This looked very attractive and appealing. So whats the problem?
Well after we had finished our roast lamb sunday dinner, we all had full bellies with only enough room for a small amount of dessert. What a dilema when i asked the table, who wants what.
What a silly idea to make two desserts!
Some chose pie and some chose mousse, then we all sat at the table wishing we had , had, what the other person had! Confused? You should have been at the table!!!!! x

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