Thursday, 20 October 2011

Where has the week gone?

We felt the cold last night in our little corner of the world, true to form here, i could feel the damp air last night when i went to bed, thankfully i have put flanalette sheets on the bed, they make the bed so cosy and warm.
This afternoon i was thinking; where has the week gone? What have i done thats so constructive this week?
Well, i have taken our dog Wizard for a check up at the vets and to have his yearly booster, taken my dad out to lunch, cleaned windows in the kitchen, sorted a large box of clothes and crocks for the charitiy shop, had the chimney swept and had my first routine screening mammogram this week!
My weeks are not normally this busy, i guess its all come at once.
After washing breakfast dishes this morning i set about making a lamb stew with plenty of root vegtables.
I have a confession to make, now i am struggling alittle with this, when i took my dad out for lunch, i took him to a book shop and he chose " jamie olivers new british cooking book", i had a little look and was impressed as i always am with jamie olivers recipes. So what did i do? The next day i went and bought myself one knowing i did not really need another cookery book.

Thats it now, i have made myself a promise,enough now, no more cookery books this year.
Its brillant! I love jamies recipes, as you seem to have alot of the ingredients in the cupboard.
I love his prawn cocktail in a jam jar!!
We have friends coming for sunday roast this weekend, so tonight its lamb stew with rosemary dumblings and horseradish mashed potatoes, mopped up with crusty bread. I have already lit the woodburner in the kitchen, so its lovely and warm. A night choosing recipes for sundays dinner cuddled up snug infront of the stove. I love autumn nights. x

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