Wednesday, 5 October 2011


When i decided to write a blog it was to keep a record of family life, show any bright ideas i may or may not have. A way of keeping intouch with family and friends as i have become a village hermit with age.
You ask yourself how much of my life do i write? How much detail? Do i write about the sadness that life can sometimes bring? The last thing i want to do is make anyone who reads my blog sad.
But life is a roller coaster ride sometimes and the sun does not always shine down on us, but i guess its in these times  when we learn the most about ourselves, when we are tested.
I feel i have to write about my story today as the young man whom the story is about deserves the recognition of a young life at its best.
If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know we have been renovating our humble abode, our carpenters are a father and son team, fathers name is Andy, and son is called Tom, we call him " young Tom".
Tom is 23 years old.
They started to work for us on the house four years ago, built our extension, put our roof on two winters ago a week before christmas and worked outside in freezing conditions to get us water tight for christmas. In order to help keep them warm i kept a flow of hot drinks and bacon, sausage sandwhiches through the day.
They would work outside all day until they lost the light of the day, come down their ladders frozen with the cold, their fingers tips visably purple through their fingerless gloves.
As time has gone by louie and i have become very fond of Andy and Tom, their help and advice has helped us more than they will ever know. Lately Tom has become a skilled carpenter and at times worked for us on his own, taught by the best his father.
Tom came and worked on our house last week, we spent a couple of hours together talking about his plans for the future, how he is saving with his girlfriend for a deposit to buy a house, how he would one day like to see Australia. He told me that he took his girlfriend to New York in april this year and surprised her with a helicopter ride over the Hudson river.
When he left that morning he lifted my spirits, i thought what a lovely young man he was and what great things he will achieve in life, his woodwork was exceptional. When Tom left that morning we planned i would call him in two weeks and he would come back, replace my rotten floor in the pantry and make me new shelves, " its a date" i told him.
Life has been busy this week for me, plumbers working in the kitchen, moving into the new extension, my lovely people from Scotland coming to see me and my lovely girl coming home from her holiday who i have missed so much.
Monday evening the phone rings, its Andy, "sit down jackie, i have something to tell you","Tom died yesterday".
Tom was a talented football player and played sunday mornings for his team, he had a heart attack after playing his game. This young man was a picture of health, this is very very rare.
Why? Why? you ask youself.
Its at times like this people question and leave their faith or they cling onto it, i guess its a normal reaction that we need someone or something to blame. Its always a tradgedy when a young life is lost, but once in a lifetime someone will come into your life, if only for a short time, then they have to leave but you always feel truly thankful that you met them. Tom is one of those people.
Toms photo was on front page of our local newspaper yesterday evening and it shows what a wonderful young man and how much he was loved by all that knew him. In my sadness i feel blessed to have shared a morning in his life with him when little did we know he was living his last week on earth.
Please say a little prayer for his family, please dont dwell on this post and i do not mean to make anyone sad, do something today that makes you happy, because you can. x

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