Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Yesterday i took my people from scotland to a couple of my junk yard haunts, poor Terri could not buy anything really as they had already used up their luggage allowance for the flight home.
Anyway Terri is a proper "thrifter" and loves this kind of thing, so she was happy to just browse.
What a lovely picture, i never planted the rose in the background, great effect though!

This is my cousin Dave (the butler) look how well trained Terri has him! He carried all my treasure, opened doors for us, we then sat him in the back of the car so Terri and i could natter, what did he do? Start telling me how to drive, moaned about the car and started pulling strange faces! Obviously Terri has more work to do on him, but we all love him so much!

They bullied me into having this photo taken, i fell in love with Terris glasses and so here i am with them on, infact i still have them. I dont like my photo taken so i wont be putting no more on. I just wanted to show them, how brave i am when they bullie me! Ha!
This is a lovely knitted bag Terri made for me, i love the felt heart. I had a lovely day with them.
I sit here writing my post with dinner in the new oven. On tonights menu is chicken and dumpling stew, mashed potatoes, greens and to follow apple and blackberry crumble with custard. x

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