Friday, 30 December 2011

Its Arrived...

Last week i met my counselor for an hour long meeting, it was for us to just have a chat and to see if he could help me overcome my anxieties.
I will call him D.H, after 45 mins he explained the hows and whys my anxiety works and told me he felt that a two year cognitive therapy programme would most certainly help me, and that my surgery were prepared to offer me this, which i accepted. First session is on january 6, he advised me to buy the above book, one that our N.H.S uses and recognises as a benefit in this type of therapy.
I bought it second hand from amazon last week, the book arrived today. I have sat infront of the fire all afternoon reading it, there are no long words and no ifs and buts, just a simplified description on how we get to such an acute anxiety state. Now D.H told me to read it,tick what i feel is relevant to me, then ask someone whom i trust and knows me well to read it and tick what they think is about me.
D.H tells me this type of therapy is slow to get going, which he assures me is normal and then the changes start to appear.
2011 has been a life changing year for me, for many reasons. I have had a health scare which thankfully can be treated, i have pushed members of my family away as my anxiety has held me prisoner to my true emotions.
I welcome 2012 with an open heart and will always be grateful for 2011 as this was the year that broke me, i could not mask my suffering any longer. I asked for help and i have to say i have recieved help in abundance.
I am a very private person and my blog was good for me for this reason.
I am grateful for the love and support my family give me, i am truly loved, as i truly love and adore them x

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